Context before Content

Context before Content

Irrespective of the topic or its content, or how brief or detailed it is, its essence lies in its context.

Without context, without there being any intent behind it, no information would mean anything.

In context, there is purpose and meaning, which in reality, adds the value to the content, the consumption of which will change something for the other individual.

That then boils down to creation and consumption.

Those who create, before focusing on the content, should focus on its context. Those who consume, should look beyond the content and understand its context and what can they takeaway from it.


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Your Previous Work

Your Previous Work

Whenever anyone creates anything, with time and with experience, or rather exposure, most of those creators don’t appreciate their creation now as much as they did at the time of creation.

With every new creation, the previous work gets older.

The older it gets, the more mistakes the creator notices, or rather the improvements that can be done.

What this shows is, the creator’s growth. How, with time, they have evolved, with a wider worldview than before and with a bigger perspective than before. Add in some exposure as well, including the feedback and self-analysis.

But, that doesn’t stop one from creating. Rather, you keep on improving henceforth, making your next work better than before. Not necessarily in outcome, but surely in efforts.


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Your Audience vs You

Your Audience vs You

No matter who is posting the content on social media, whether for a personal brand or for a company, there is always an individual behind the screen.

During this process of posting content, especially for an established brand, there is a lot of work that goes on behind-the-scenes.

Right from the strategy, to the planning, to who the target audience is and their likes and interests, to planning the days on which the content should be made.

In all of this, no matter how much plan, you can never know how the audience is going to accept your brand or just the content of your brand.

That is not in your hands to decide. It could be a success or a total failure.

What you can control is, whether you have put in your all. That is the only thing you can decide.

Whether your best version of yourself is driving this process forward, right from ideation to execution, you shouldn’t have a thought in your mind that you could’ve done better.

From your side, it should be up to par. Then let the audience decide whether it is or not, then you can take that feedback and accordingly make changes later on.

But initially, the question is whether you like your content and whether that is the best you can do or not.


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Beating the Social Media Pressure

Beating the Social Media Pressure

How the social media platforms have grown over the past few years and how people have posted content over this time,

People are in a constant pressure of whether their content looks like the part.

Whether it is ‘perfect’.

Whether they’ve clicked that perfect picture.

Whether that picture can be clicked in a different angle.

Whether that caption is engaging.

Whether that caption should be long or short.

How many hashtags should they add.

How will the audience perceive all of this.

And the list goes on and on.

That is the social media pressure.

In order to fit in, in order to be liked, in order to rise, whatever the reason may be, there’s an enormous amount of self-pressure that we have created to be on any of these platforms.

What can you do to beat it?

– Create that first post.

– Don’t overthink it. Don’t over plan it.

– Just put the picture up, caption from the heart, and hit that post button.

– With time, you’ll feel secure and confident in what you do and also figure out what else you can do.

Once you let go of this “social media pressure”, you’ll find it so easy to be yourself and just share what’s within you.

It takes time, it takes practice, you need to become secure in life, you need to become more aware of yourself in life, but you have to let go of this pressure.


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You don’t need to have a blog or a podcast

You don’t need to have a blog or a podcast

Whenever it comes to building a brand, or creating content, it often boils down to, where all should I be present?

Social Media, of course.

What else?

Should I do a blog?

Or, should I start a podcast?

What are the current trends?

Where should you align towards?

And the answer’s really simple.

You don’t need to have a blog or a podcast, neither of it is compulsory for you.

Neither is a guarantee that your brand will be a success.

Neither defines your brand either.

The two forms of creating content, via text or audio, are just forms of the process through which you can choose to express yourself.

If you feel comfortable with either of them, or both of them, it’s up to you personally, whether you want to go down that road or not.

Sure, those paths have their own journey, the strategies are different, the outcomes are different when you do it vs when you don’t.

However, no trends or no numbers should force you into doing something that you’re not comfortable with.

Proceed with creating content and building your brand on your own terms. Not on anyone else’s.


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Consume before you Create

Consume before you Create

Quite a few number of times, one of the issues, especially when it comes to creating content for the first comes down to this…

“I have no idea how to start creating and how should I proceed.”

At such a point, instead of jumping on to courses and curricula, another thing that could be done on our own is to research.

Based on the platform where you want to create content, consume some content out there, understand what the creators are doing, how they post about their interests and how does their community react to their content.

With such a simple process, there’s so much learning that can be done without any academic learning of sorts.

Consume, learn, experiment, test and finally, start creating.


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1 tip to start creating Content

1 tip to start creating Content

Often when it comes to creating content, the one question on everybody’s minds is the same… “What type of content should I create?”

What type of content would work for me? What should I create that would give me engagement?

Going after trends, going after how algorithm works, there’s a lot of processes but it never works when it comes to creating content.

What works is really simple…

Create content about what you know.

What you know is already within you.

It’s already a strength for you.

And probably you read about it, you watch something about it in order to make yourself better at it.

In that process, you also deepen your understanding and broaden your viewpoint of what you know.

Looking at it from that perspective, the best tip for anyone wanting to create content comes down to this baseline…

Create about what you know.


I have a daily podcast too, Mindset Marketing Movies – an RTH24 podcast – daily digestible episodes on mindset, marketing and movies.

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This is the best time to create Content!

This is the best time to create Content!

Creating content, no matter the quantity, applies to every brand and individual when it comes to connecting with their audience and building their brand base online.

Its an ongoing battle to create content constantly which connects and aligns with the brand, keeping the different social media platforms in mind.

During this time of self-isolation, as you nust have already noticed, there has been an uprise of content everywhere.

However, there are a lot of people who are a bit skeptical as to whether they should create or not and what should they create.

Let me tell you this – this is the best time to create content on the social media platforms and let me also explain why.

Everytime when it comes to creating content, in terms of the corporate brand or the personal brand, the creator will think a few times whether its up to the mark or not, and whether it can be improved.

What I am about to say, applies especially to new creators, but also to everyone else as well.

With mostly everyone being isolated at their homes, and everyone being on their smartphones, on various social media platforms consuming content and thinking how should they spend their time wisely – they also know this – the one who is creating the content is also at home.

Now is that one time when you can focus only on your content, without focusing on the production, without focusing on the background, the lighting (not that you can shoot in darkness now, but you know what I mean), you can now compromise on the equipment (whether you have it or not) and just focus on the value to be provided to the audience.

Isn’t that crazy to think about?

Sure, the other things matter too, but not more than the content which is the essential element behind that video (I’m talking video here – because it is the most consumed type of content form right now).

This is the best form of a confidence booster for the creator, who doubts their content and who doubts whether what they created is postable or not.

Thus, why I say that this is the best time to create content.

Well, if you agree with this and/or if this has given you the confidence, go for it – start creating some content.

Respect the Creator!

Respect the Creator!

This is something you might know, you might be aware of, or there are chances you might not know at all.

When a creator creates something, be it any field, art, craft, entertainment, sports, anywhere, there’s a lot, literally a lot that goes in each work of theirs.

For someone consuming or witnessing that, it becomes quite easy to just see the end result and probably, pass a quick opinion on it.

If the consumer has a different opinion, there wouldn’t be a second missed to have passed their opinion to the creator, irrespective of how it would make them feel.

However, for the creator, they have put their heart and soul into their work + lots and lots of hard work and efforts and ideation and execution and more importantly, time is usually spent on a single creation.

The creator has one goal from their creations, for it to touch the heart and souls of the audience, for it to provide value to them.

Although, what happens is, at times, the ones who do like the stuff usually stay quiet without appreciating the creator and the ones with a different opinion ensure to make their voice as loud as possible. Sometimes, harshly too. Especially on social media.

Without caring or understanding the emotions of the other person, without realising the behind-the-scenes of the work, that one comment sometimes breaks the creator.

The message that I’d like to send here is this, no matter who the creator is, no matter what the creation is, whether you align with it or not, whether you have a different opinion or not, first – respect the creator.

You need to have some empathy for them, empathy towards the person first, because they are a human being too.

Sometimes, the work may not have the expected results, but for them, they did put in the same amount of work for something was liked on a mass level.

Sure, if you have a piece of constructive criticism that would help them, do let them know with love and respect.

P. S. I did want to touch upon this topic with love and respect in mind, however, there’s another form of respect that needs to be shown towards the creator.

I’m simply going to go ahead and say it out…

Please don’t use a creator’s work for yourself, please don’t blatantly copy paste their work for yourself, please don’t try to remove their watermark/copyrights etc and use it for yourself.

Bottom line, if you do that, it’s just so disrespectful.




Respect the Creator.

The base of Personal Branding!

The base of Personal Branding!

When it comes to building a personal brand, everyone worries about the content to be created, pictures to be clicked and the selling that needs to be done, but trust is an important factor which is often overlooked.

The trust layed down by the audience towards you, trusting with what you say.

Whilst building your brand, one shouldn’t forget the foundation that it is built on, i.e. trust – everything starts from there and everything done thereafter, should be done with that trust in mind.

Once the audience loses that trust, irrespective of what you bring to the table, the essence is already lost.

Quantity > Quality?

Quantity > Quality?

Whenever there has been a talk about quantity, the question also shifts to whether the quality would be affected because of that?

Here’s the scenario which explains that in the best way possible –

Would you rather focus on one creative, put all your efforts into it and it gives you 30% of the expected results?


Would you create 50 content pieces which might give you 80% of the expected results, and at the same time, keep your audience constantly connected with you?

More quantity doesn’t mean comprising on quality, they go hand-in-hand. It only allows you to create more/ experiment more and get you more results in the process.


Difficulty in creating content?

Difficulty in creating content?

One of the great strengths of building a personal brand or even with posting consistent valuable content comes from passion!

Does what you do or what you talk about make you happy? Do you feel you could do it all day long – do you feel you could immerse yourself into the process? That’s what it takes to create content, that’s what it takes to build a brand, that’s what it takes to build a community.

When you aren’t posting authentically or creating a fake persona, you’ll probably struggle after a while – and it’ll have a complete opposite effect of what we discussed above.

Now you have two choices – either be yourself, share what you love, and build authentically or show yourself as someone you’re not, struggle with creating content, and act being happy.

Your choice – the better suggestion would be, do more of what makes you happy.


Never Think Twice before Posting!

Never Think Twice before Posting!

• Tips on how to Zazz your Brand #24 – Never Think Twice before Posting •

So often, people stop themselves from posting something that they love or they are passionate about.

Usually it’s the factor of external validation – “people aren’t appreciating this type of content and thus I do a certain kind of posts only”.

Why does this thought occur?
One, you’re addicted to the likes. Second, you’ve put your current audience on a pedestal.

If they don’t appreciate what you like to post about – then ultimately, what’s the point of having them. You aren’t able to open up and do what you love.

Social Media is a platform which allows you to open up, share your thoughts, document your journey, build a community – for this to happen, you also need to be passionate about the process.

Next time you plan on posting something, never think twice about it – just go for it.


What should your first post be?

What should your first post be?

• Tips on how to Zazz your Brand #20 – Your First Post •

When it comes to posting for your brand or even individually, for your personal brand, people are often skeptical about the first creative they post on their profiles.

In terms of creativity or content, whether it is relatable to the brand or would the audience appreciate it, you surround yourselves with questions and doubt.

So what should your first post be?

Keep it natural, keep it raw and keep it about yourself. Don’t over do it and don’t over think it. Don’t have high expectations with just the first post.

Explain who you are, what you are, what is your vision and why should people follow you – keep it human.

The first post doesn’t define your social media profile, because you’ll be filling it with a lot more posts. At the same time, it is important for the first few people who will understand everything about you from that first post and may join you/ leave you forever.

Although, the most important thing is to start.