Do you really control anything in your life?

Do you really control anything in your life?

Right from our thoughts to our actions, from our emotions to our response towards certain situations and events, from what we consume to what we create, do we really control anything in our lives?

What is it that is being truly done without any external involvement?

Our minds are conditioned to think a certain way. Our responses (words and actions) are programmed in a certain manner which comes out subconsciously. Those programs also include peer pressure, opinions from close and unknown ones, societal patterns, advertising and so much more.

When everything around us influences us so much, then we need to ask, do we really control anything in our lives, truly by ourselves? With our choices, for ourselves?

That would be the ultimate form of living, to get rid of the programming, and to create a whole new program for ourselves, based on how we want your life to be – without any external influences.

Play, Pause, or Fast Forward

Play, Pause, or Fast Forward

You have three options in life, either to play, or pause, or to fast-forward.

What do these options mean?

The play option means to live your life. The pause is to take a break, rest for a while, pause your life with your daily activities and then resume again after a while. To fast-forward is to not enjoy your present moments and to just drift through, but with this option you later wonder where did all that time go?

There are two more options, one of which you cannot control, and one you don’t have the option of choosing.

The one you cannot choose is the stop button (your actions may influence the timeline of this option though). The other option you don’t have the option of choosing is the rewind button (you cannot go back in time and redo something, what’s done is done).

Once we understand the options that we can choose from, the perspective of looking at life changes as well.

Judge, Jury and Executioner

Judge, Jury and Executioner

In life, no matter where you are, on the financial scale or the social scale, or any other scale for that matter, whether any other individual knows you 1%, 5%, or 50%, you’re going to get judged at every point of your life.

There’s going to be a jury, people around you, keeping a lookout at everything you do and probably compare that with someone else.

And in the form of executioner, you have got your laws, government, and media, the external things that have an impact on your life.

But, you can change it all around, if you wish to, and without letting anything affect you, be in control of your life, be the judge, jury and executioner of your own life.

It all starts with you. Your job is to focus on yourself, your path and not on anything else and not let anything else hinder your life decisions.


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