Consistency trumps Everything

Consistency trumps Everything

Whether it be anything about life, one always wants to become better at that certain something, wants to improve at it, excel at it, succeed at it.

With everything that is required for such a process, one of the most important things is consistency.

Whether it is working out, whether it is changing your lifestyle altogether, whether it’s changing a habit of yours, whether it’s pursuing a certain goal, whether its a work thing, whether its a relationship thing – consistency trumps everything.

Consistency gives you the experience, gives you the exposure, and most of all it gives you the confidence for that certain something of your life.

That something is for you to decide. You may not like it at the beginning – but being consistent at it improves you, evolves you, and makes you better at it.

Speaking from personal experience, whether it is being in the marketing field for 5+ years, whether it is blogging for almost 600 days straight, whether it is being on the path of self-improvement for more than a year and a half (and also in other areas of my life) – being consistent at a particular goal has helped me become better at it, has made me constantly improve at it and the ‘want’ to go even further than where I am right now.

Consistency trumps everything.


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