Staying in your Lane

Staying in your Lane

What does it mean to stay in your lane? What good does it to you? Why should you do it?

Staying in your lane means to do what you’re good at, to execute according to your strengths and to walk on that path.

When you walk on that certain selected path, one, you have chosen to be in this lane, you’re aware of it, you’ve the knowledge of it. It’s your strength. Anything which is a strength is good for you.

Second, you are able to keep improving in your field because you understand the level of knowledge you have and how much more you have to learn.

You also become known by walking in that lane, when you share your opinions and observations about that path, people want to know more and want to learn more.

There’s only advantage for you when you walk in your lane, but the key is to identify that lane first.

That lane is not what the society tells you to walk on, or what your family tells you, that lane is a path where you’re comfortable walking on, where you enjoying walking, so much so that you can walk, jog or sprint too, you decide the pace.

However, the bottom line to excel/ succeed is to stay in your lane and then get better at it.


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