Hold on! I don’t want to think this!

Hold on! I don’t want to think this!

Each and every minute, daily, we are in a constant rush of thoughts. Say, roughly around 60,000 to 80,000 in a day.

Now, some things you constantly think about, some just come to you randomly, some through an observation or communication. One thought leads to another and another, and at times, there’s a whirlwind of thoughts around a singular topic.

There comes a time, or many, when a thought starts expanding, that you don’t want to think about at all.

You may choose to distract yourself with something else at that moment, or try thinking about something else… But sometimes you just have to tell yourself, “Hold on! I don’t want to think this!”.

Does it work? Try it out. Your brain listens to everything. Why not this as well?