5 Lessons to learn from the film, Chhichhore

5 Lessons to learn from the film, Chhichhore

With the recent shift to some quality content-driven films in Bollywood, we, as moviegoers are fortunate to have some good picks which we’re proud to watch.

These films either have a good meaning, a few good lessons to learn from, and we, as society, often don’t throw a light on them.

Chhichhore is one of them!

The movie throws a light on the student suicides that take place all over the world, including India. In our country, a student commits suicide every 55 minutes, as per statistics.

Why is this happening?

Mainly because of two reasons, one, the student, when he fails his exam (in most cases, their entrance exams and can’t get admission in the college) thinks that life is over for him and there’s nothing else left. Another reason is the parental pressure, that is felt in reality or in thought, of keeping their heads high whilst you, the student gets admission in a high-ranking college and sets the path right for your career.

The film, whilst throwing a light on this important topic, sums up the movie fantastically in the end,

“We are so entangled with the success and failures of our lives that we forget to live life itself.”

The film is a good 2 hours 26 minutes long, and some good lessons to learn during that time.

Some of them which got across to me were,

1. Tags given by the Society

The film beautifully shows that we are not defined by the tags given to us by the Society.

What matters is what tag you give to yourself.

2. Results don’t define the journey, the efforts does.

Every result doesn’t define your journey in life, it’s your efforts that you’re putting in to get those results, is what counts.

Failure is a part of life, it is bound to happen once in a while or more, during your lifetime.

What matters then, is you know that even though you failed, you had put in the efforts needed to make that a win.

3. Friends for Life

Surround yourself with such people in your life who make life fun, who support you, who motivate you, who stand by you during the darkest of times – that matters so much in life.

As life passes by, we are so lost in our work and in our careers, that we forget the bonds we have with people, that might just break if you don’t hold it strong over the years!

4. You fail in an exam, not in life

The students feel so pressurized because of various reasons, when they fail an exam. Either because of society pressure, parental pressure, career pressure.

They think that the one exam they failed, defines their entire life. It defines how their life would turn out to be.

Not thinking that there are more opportunities, more chances, more turns in life they couldn’t imagine.

Life is long, and full of failures.

One failure doesn’t define the number of times they have already won and will win in the future.

5. We prepare our lives for success, but forget to prepare it for failure.

We plan our lives in such a way, with goals, with plans to achieve those goals, with the dreams of accomplishing those goals.

However, what we don’t plan is, what if we fail?

What if we plan for everything, and yet we fail?

That is when your mental health gets affected, depression starts to seek in, and you don’t know what to do anymore.

And thus, the ultimate line at the end of the movie sums this point up beautifully, “We are so entangled with the success and failures of our lives that we forget to live life itself.”

//In the end, all I can say is, it’s a beautiful film with a lot to learn, it’s a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

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