The Guilt Moments

The Guilt Moments

You are living a healthy lifestyle and you suddenly crave something deep-fried or something extremely sweet, you eat it. But then, you feel guilty too.

You were working for four straight hours and you want to take an afternoon nap before proceeding with another four hours. You decide to sleep, but then you feel guilty about it.

Or you want to watch a movie or a show and you feel guilty about doing so, when you could’ve done something productive instead.

These are called the guilt moments.

You want to do something and you have made up your mind for it. But after doing it, you feel guilty about it too.

And when you feel the guilt, is when things go haywire in your mind and body, those after-effects can be felt.

On top of it, it doesn’t change the outcome nor does it do any good, it only results in a waste of thoughts, time and energy.

Instead, how about openly indulging in those “guilt” moments, enjoying them because you wanted to. No one is forcing any of it on you. And what’s self-imposed can be changed with practice.

Forgetting to be Grateful

Forgetting to be Grateful

In our life, we are always running after what’s next or running after our wants, or rather complaining about the things we don’t have.

In all of this, we forget to be grateful for the things that we already have in our life.

Gratitude is such a powerful factor in our life, where if we are grateful for each and every thing that we have and grateful for each and every thing that we get to do, our approach and perspective towards life changes and we start looking at things differently.

Stretched by a New Idea

Stretched by a New Idea

Each one of us lives a life with their current set of habits and beliefs and knowledge, and everything that they do is based around that.

But, in this information economy, where one is constantly consuming something, and probably learning something from that consumption, we are not limited to those frameworks anymore.

“The mind once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimension.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes

Once you have learnt or executed something new in your life, your mind has expanded from its previous form to a new one.

It’s not the same anymore, and its then a matter of time before you go in depth of it and that idea introduces a new or changes a previous part of you.

Anything and everything that you consume is now a part of you, and you cannot get rid of it. Somehow, somewhere, the dots are going to get connected, and that new learning plays a part in that.

Ask yourself what is wrong

Ask yourself what is wrong

A lot of times, when something is going wrong in our lives, we start wondering what is even going wrong.

And to add to that, our perspective doesn’t seem to align to someone else’s point of view to understand what is wrong.

What can you do then, in such a scenario?

Can you continue to be wrong?

Or do you want to correct yourself?

How we live clouds our judgement of thinking making us think that all we do is right and nothing can be wrong.

You’re not able to entertain another person’s point of view to change this perspective.

At such times, you need to ask yourself what is wrong, what can be wrong, what can I do differently?

You need to look at yourself in a third person’s shoes, look at your situation from a third perspective – understand how it looks from that scenario, what someone else would’ve done vs what you’ve done.

Often, looking at situations from a third perspective helps to right our wrongs. And only because we aren’t able to change our thinking, our approach or even knowing that we could be wrong too.

Asking yourself what can be wrong changes those things.


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Dependency on External Factors

Dependency on External Factors

Our life is a mixture of internal and external factors that run our life.

Instead of the focus being internal with the help or rather an addition of external, things have just changed over time.

We have become so dependent on external factors to run our life that we have forgotten that the magic is within us.

What is this magic?

It is your mind, body and soul.

It is your thoughts, your emotions, your journey that makes those external factors what they are!

But alas, we don’t think about any of it and rather think its those external things that give us everything we want.

We then desire and crave for those things to live.

Our dependency towards them ultimately makes them our weakness too!


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