The truth of “What has to happen, will happen”

The truth of “What has to happen, will happen”

Who has heard this before, “What has to happen, will happen”?

Most of us have heard it, a number of times in our lifetime.

Most of us abide by that statement too.

And to be honest, it makes sense as well.

No matter what you do, no matter how much you plan, no matter what you predict, in reality, what has to happen will happen.

You cannot do anything about it.

However, said that, how true is that statement?

Is it 100% completely true?

I feel there’s something left out from that statement, which we didn’t ponder upon.

Something that once we understand, is game changing for us.

It’ll have a massive impact on our life and our choices and our decisions.

Here’s my interpretation of what’s left out –

What has to happen, will happen if you’re ready for it.

That last bit is quite important and something we don’t think about.

“If you’re ready for it”

Things may happen to you, opportunities may knock at your door, and you wouldn’t even realize it, and only because you weren’t ready for it.

I believe when you’re constantly improving yourself, working on your mind, body and soul, working on your emotions, working on your goals, working on your life, you’re making yourself ready for that moment.

The moment of when it has to happen, will happen.

Only now, you won’t miss on it.

Only now, you will be ready for it.

You’ll able to see it when it happens.

When it knocks on your door.

Only because you made yourself ready.

If you haven’t made yourself ready and levelled up for what the moment requires, why would it happen to you?

Why would that opportunity waste itself on you, when it would knock on someone else’s door who is making themselves ready for it?


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