Your Audience vs You

Your Audience vs You

No matter who is posting the content on social media, whether for a personal brand or for a company, there is always an individual behind the screen.

During this process of posting content, especially for an established brand, there is a lot of work that goes on behind-the-scenes.

Right from the strategy, to the planning, to who the target audience is and their likes and interests, to planning the days on which the content should be made.

In all of this, no matter how much plan, you can never know how the audience is going to accept your brand or just the content of your brand.

That is not in your hands to decide. It could be a success or a total failure.

What you can control is, whether you have put in your all. That is the only thing you can decide.

Whether your best version of yourself is driving this process forward, right from ideation to execution, you shouldn’t have a thought in your mind that you could’ve done better.

From your side, it should be up to par. Then let the audience decide whether it is or not, then you can take that feedback and accordingly make changes later on.

But initially, the question is whether you like your content and whether that is the best you can do or not.


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Beating the Social Media Pressure

Beating the Social Media Pressure

How the social media platforms have grown over the past few years and how people have posted content over this time,

People are in a constant pressure of whether their content looks like the part.

Whether it is ‘perfect’.

Whether they’ve clicked that perfect picture.

Whether that picture can be clicked in a different angle.

Whether that caption is engaging.

Whether that caption should be long or short.

How many hashtags should they add.

How will the audience perceive all of this.

And the list goes on and on.

That is the social media pressure.

In order to fit in, in order to be liked, in order to rise, whatever the reason may be, there’s an enormous amount of self-pressure that we have created to be on any of these platforms.

What can you do to beat it?

– Create that first post.

– Don’t overthink it. Don’t over plan it.

– Just put the picture up, caption from the heart, and hit that post button.

– With time, you’ll feel secure and confident in what you do and also figure out what else you can do.

Once you let go of this “social media pressure”, you’ll find it so easy to be yourself and just share what’s within you.

It takes time, it takes practice, you need to become secure in life, you need to become more aware of yourself in life, but you have to let go of this pressure.


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Building your Reputation

Building your Reputation

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Building your brand is building your reputation – you build it brick by brick. Stone by stone.

It takes a good number of years to do so. Sometimes even more.

You build it with the work you do, the results you get, the relationships you make, the deeds you do outside of work as well. What kind of a person you are, how do you deal with others, what kind of impact are you bringing to the table, what value are you providing – everything counts as reputation – everything counts as the brand.

When you say you’re building a personal brand, its not just about posting content on social media under your name. It’s not limited to designing a logo or creating fancy content.

You are building your brand at every moment of time, with everyone around you. It’s everything that is mentioned above that makes your personal brand.

Said that the online platforms are considered a major factor in the process because, with the access to the people and tools, it is easier than ever for you to spread your work, to spread your word, to spread your impact.

That is why building a personal brand is key, but only if you want to build yourself to that level, your reputation to that level, and bring that kind of impact on the table.


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1 tip to start creating Content

1 tip to start creating Content

Often when it comes to creating content, the one question on everybody’s minds is the same… “What type of content should I create?”

What type of content would work for me? What should I create that would give me engagement?

Going after trends, going after how algorithm works, there’s a lot of processes but it never works when it comes to creating content.

What works is really simple…

Create content about what you know.

What you know is already within you.

It’s already a strength for you.

And probably you read about it, you watch something about it in order to make yourself better at it.

In that process, you also deepen your understanding and broaden your viewpoint of what you know.

Looking at it from that perspective, the best tip for anyone wanting to create content comes down to this baseline…

Create about what you know.


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Using your Smartphone to your advantage!

Using your Smartphone to your advantage!

The smartphone that you’re holding, the same one in which you consume content on the various social media platforms and even share them with your friends and family…

How about using this device to your advantage?

How about creating content to build your personal brand, be it of any sector, and share what you know?

Share some valuable content of what you know, who you are and everything that could be valuable to the audience.

In this process, you also build your community and also walk a little further on the path of achieving your goal, whatever it may be.

How is that possible?

Well, when you put out valuable, authentic content, you also open doors to more opportunities and more connections, you get to network with people you didn’t know, you build a community of people with similar interests to yours and that process helps you move forward in your journey.

It’s that simple decision of using your smartphone to your advantage instead of it just being a time-consuming device.

A simple change in the thought process where you still do what you were doing, but now also giving, sharing some good content that you have within you and also putting some positivity out there.

All of this, just with your smartphone.


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