5 Years of Zazz

5 years ago, 1st of December 2015, the journey of Zazz started for me, with the then introduction of Zazz Media, my digital agency set with an intent to build brands online.

With that being the goal for Zazz Media, the ulterior motive was to introduce the Zazz in people’s lives, at the time through marketing.

With time and changes, lessons have been learned, approach has been changed, experimentations have happened and some failed as well.

But, what remains constant is the influence and impact of Zazz that needs to be introduced.

Now, along with marketing, another macro layer that has been added, that I’m super passionate about is to Zazz people’s lives, introduce awareness and a different outlook to life than what is currently lived.

That journey is super long, but the seeds are planted day by day, the impact of which clearly cannot happen in a day or month, but that is what the journey is about.

Even after 5 years of Zazz, it feels like a fresh start, a new beginning, a new sense of drive and motivation to surely make it a 50 years of Zazz.

Introducing ‘it’s got the Zazz vibe!’

Introducing ‘it’s got the Zazz vibe!’

Introducing • it’s got the Zazz vibe •

With the enormous amount of content available on the internet, in the form of text, audio and video, sometimes as a consumer of that content, one can tend to miss out on some of the best stuff out there.

With this platform, we’ll be consuming everything for you and suggest the ones which have got the Zazz vibe – so you can enjoy it.


P. S. Click here to access the page on Instagram @itsgotthezazzvibe


What do we mean by ‘got the Zazz vibe’?

Anything that is unique and awesome, that you should check out and probably receive some value out of it as well – thus, any content that has the Zazz vibe.


With any content piece being shared, we’ll make sure we attach a link as well, so you can consume it without too many clicks here and there.


Hoping that what we share will be worth your time.