You don’t know how you sound

You don’t know how you sound

In all of focusing on that voice in your head, how your actions affect others and how others’ actions affect you, we forget how we sound like.

No, this isn’t about your vocals and about the literal sound of them.

But, the impact of your words on others.

You may say something casually, but someone else with a different perspective than yours might take it differently.

And that is a lifelong conundrum that we live in.

You don’t know how you sound and you may never know.

Your anger in your words might put someone down deeply than you’d think. Your appreciation in your words might be taken sarcastically by someone else.

Moreover, this is a vice versa case as well. Because you yourself might get affected that way too, by someone else’s words.

The answer to this conundrum?

Either deeper conversations so you understand something properly, or a deeper understanding of the person so you know their style of speaking, or on a macro level, not to give so much importance to who speaks what (a difficult task that will come with a lot of practice, and might not entirely be recommended because sometimes people need people, they don’t want to do it alone).