Zazzcation in Taiwan 2019 Highlights

Zazzcation in Taiwan 2019 Highlights

• Zazzcation in Taiwan 2019 Highlights •

A trip to remember,
Some crazy talks to some crazy nights,
Planning beforehand to planning everything impromptu,
Bonds for life to annual trips for life.

Thank you for being a great host, Tejas Tambe and what a memorable trip for the four of us, including Chirag Naik and Huzefa Shergadwala.

Some of the highlights of Taiwan 2019 in this blog post. A lot more uploaded on my Instagram stories – now in the highlights section – check it out.


Travel is the Best Medicine.

Would you

  • like to take a break from your everyday life, or want to figure out the answers in your life?
  • Would you like to move away from the chaos, or like some adventure in your life?
  • Would you like to explore new opportunities or seek out new ideas in your life?

Travel is the best investment in your life that makes you more productive. More productive in your life, your mindset, your thoughts, it makes everything clearer.

Often, people say – “This place is too expensive” or “This is a huge investment”. Travel need not be international; it can be anything – a one day trip/ a weekend getaway or a whole week off – whatever suits you. Travelling somewhere is more important.