Which side are you on, black or white?

Which side are you on, black or white?

We consider everything as black or white. Everything is either at one side or the other. Everyone chooses a side. Based on where they align with their values and what matches with their perspective.

There’s a lot to be uncovered in the middle, i.e. the gray area. But that requires time and efforts and a bit of digging to get around.

So, instead, people choose one of the two sides where they think they align with. Sometimes, the black, sometimes, the white.

But, what if instead of choosing a side and sticking to it, you try and wear both the colours for once? Check out both the sides, try and understand both the perspectives, both the point of views, and look at everything from the middle, being in the gray area.

When you do that, then you are not opting for a side, but instead you are the third person noticing what’s happening and creating a personal point of view with what your approach should be, instead of aligning with someone else’s or instead of thinking “what the right side” would be.

That approach starts with an open mindset of not wanting to be on a side, wanting to try out both black and white and maybe even try to align with both sides of the coin instead of shouting heads or tails.