Be Alert or Miss the Train?

Be Alert or Miss the Train?

Opportunities. Takeaways. Lessons. Memories. Experiences. Moments. They come and they go.

Now, either you’re alert to receive them. To form them. To learn from them. To enjoy them.

Or you’re busy with something else, or you’re not present enough and unfortunately, you miss the train.

The fix to getting back in the moment

The fix to getting back in the moment

Whenever you feel anxious,

Or stressed,

Or you feel you’ve lost control of the situation,

Or rather your emotions have gotten the better of you,

Or you want to become more present in the moment than the usual…

Take a Deep Breath

That’s it.

It’s that simple.

Your breath controls it all.

Control your breath and you control everything.

Take in a deep breath and exhale as slowly as possible, that feeling of relaxation will immediately come to you, and you’ll feel calm and composed, and be present in the moment.


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