Every individual should become a public personality

Every individual should become a public personality

Every individual should, for a brief period of time become a public personality. Maybe, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe, someone doesn’t want that status or limelight. But even then, everyone should become one, for some time at least. Why?

What all of us, as humans, don’t realize is the amount of scrutiny one gets when there’s some limelight on them. People think they own those individuals, they have the power to make their decisions, criticize their decisions, tear them apart when they feel like it (or if there’s a media campaign going against someone).

People decide to put other individuals on a pedestal, thinking they’re special, and now when they have, they decide to take complete ownership of that individual too. When every individual faces that limelight, they’ll be able to realize how one’s not able to live as they want to, there are always eyes on every move of yours. Every decision is either applauded or looked down upon. There’s abuse, there’s bullying, there’s racism/ sexism/ and whatnot, there’s unwarranted opinions, constant rumors. There is literally nothing normal about that status other than having a few perks of getting ahead and having a megaphone to gather people around. But the downsides that generally people don’t seem to understand and those who are under that limelight seem to ignore.

When your family doesn’t know who you are, a hundred percent, then what right does anyone else have to judge another individual whom they don’t even know… But just being in the public light gives a random individual the right to do so… I don’t think so.

Every individual should, for once, experience this limelight, this status, because the kindness and the empathy that they will have after experiencing it will be enormous. Let alone the negativity, the hatred, the opinions, the gossip, and whatnot that we’ll get rid of.

Admire the story, respect the hustle and enjoy the craft… But that’s where one should probably draw the line too.