Walking the path alone

Walking the path alone

Understanding who we are, what we truly want, or rather how do we want to live our lives, reflecting upon our choices and decisions and mistakes, learning from them, upgrading your life to a better version than before – all of it happens when you walk the path alone.

No one can save us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We must walk the path alone. – Buddha

Walking the path doesn’t mean to get rid of people around you, but it means that now you won’t rely on anyone for anything, won’t blame anyone for anything, take complete responsibility, know what’s in your control and accordingly focus on your life path and your journey ahead.

Then, it is us, ourselves, without any pressure, or society outlook, or without any comparisons or judgments or opinions, focusing on our life alone and focusing on making it better.

That happens when you walk the path alone.


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The value of ‘Validations’

The value of ‘Validations’

We do things to get ourselves validated.

We workout to get validated for a good body.

We buy something to get validated for the coolness or the popularity factor.

We create to get validated for a good outcome.

We give to get validated for the gesture.

These are just examples, but everywhere you look, there we are, just seeking external validations for everything.

What is the value of these validations?

What do we gain?

Does it improve our lives in a meaningful manner?

Or rather isn’t it a mirage that makes us think we’re doing something valuable whereas we weren’t because our intentions were misaligned.

The voices around you make you think that you need to do something, to get a validation from others, so you can stand out, so you can be cool, so you can be different.

And in such a pursuit, you end up doing what everyone else is doing.

Instead, why not get a validation from yourself?

Why not workout to be healthy for yourself?

Why not buy something because you really needed it or because you really liked it for yourself?

Why not create something because you love creating?

Why not just give because you wanted to?

When your intent is right, you don’t need a validation from anyone, which doesn’t even mean anything.

Wouldn’t you rather be satisfied with your own decisions rather than seeking happiness from other people’s opinions of your decisions?


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