Stupidest of Questions

Stupidest of Questions

We aren’t taught or we aren’t applauded for asking questions. Rather, do what you’re told, follow the narrative that has been rolled, execute the actions blindfolded.

But, the people who seem smart to you, the people who are knowledgeable, the people who are experts in their fields, that is because they ask the stupidest of questions.

They don’t shy away from it, they don’t care what anyone else thinks. They are curious, they will ask. They want another perspective, they will ask.

Those who think their questions aren’t smart enough keep forming the right question to never ask it, keep being curious in their minds to never know more than they already do, keep thinking everyone else is smarter than them.

Don’t shy away from asking the stupidest of questions because that’s how you grow and evolve.

Avoiding Questions

Avoiding Questions

Do you remember the school days when the teacher used to ask, if you have any questions and even if you did have one, you wouldn’t ask because of what others would think of you.

Well, those same people are carrying the torch on social media as well, who don’t open up thinking what would others think.

If you have something to say or share, go right ahead. Give yourself the permission and open up, ask if you want to ask, share if you want to share, you have the entire world in your hand (smartphone).


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