Random Appreciations

Random Appreciations

When you do something that works out, for someone or in general, as a deed or a cause, you’re then appreciated for it.

That’s the appreciation you get after the deed is done, after the outcome can be seen, after it all works out.

That kind of appreciation is almost guaranteed, irrespective of it being a validator for you or not.

But, the most beautiful and the most surprising thing are Random Appreciations.

Appreciations that are randomly made, irrespective of the outcome, irrespective of whether it worked out or not, irrespective of who it was for.

Such appreciations are genuinely made from the heart… They are made because you feel it.

One could be appreciated for their values, for their efforts, for their love and care, for their work in progress, there are a n number of things to appreciate for.

Just not the clichéd way of doing it at the end, but when they are Random Appreciations.