What am I talking about on the blog?

What am I talking about on the blog?

If you ever scroll through this blog, you’d find that the topics range from mindset and self-improvement and life (majorly those), to film reviews and lessons, and marketing tips (every now and then) and maybe a few of my personal life posts as well.

Sure, most people stick around to just one topic, but when you’re equally passionate about multiple things, then you have to just play around.

Moreover, writing every day gives me the leeway to touch upon hundreds of ideas and topics, rather than choosing one bigger idea and surrounding everything around that.

The blog definitely acts as an outlet for a lot of observations and questions that keep surfacing in my mind, and it also allows me to play around with the depth of certain topics. The more I write, the more ideas surface, and it just broadens my horizon to think more and then share that through this blog.

So, what am I talking about on this blog?
Everything that I live and think about, maybe an idea has come up but I’d still let it sit for a while until I can make my thoughts clearer about that particular topic. Anyhow, whatever I write about comes from a deep sense of curiosity, and moreover, from within. Fortunately, I’ve never had to hunt around for a topic, which for me, keeps the process more natural for me, and allows me to think about these topics on my time when they surface in my mind.

All in all, I’d love to look back at these posts after a period of time and wonder how I’d think and how my process of sharing an idea was, I definitely love checking back on a few of the previous posts, that gives me a clearer picture of whatever was on my mind and thus, giving me a clearer perspective.