Just Write Something

Just Write Something

Whether in the form of

– documenting your thoughts,

– documenting your day,

– sharing a piece of content,

– expressing your gratitude or in the form of affirmations in a journal,

Every individual should just write something.

When you write, it not only helps you instilling that same thing within you, but it also helps you give you a deeper perspective to what you think or rather who you are.

When you write, it helps you clear your mind, it helps you understand things better, it helps you see yourself in a third person perspective.

When the benefits outweigh the negatives, then there is some form of an advantage to try something out, to experiment with it and to see how it personally benefits you.

Why don’t you just write something, anything, and see how it makes you feel?

What happens when you write daily?

What happens when you write daily?

Something changes in you when you do this daily!

No matter how good or the opposite you’re at it.

Of course, what I’m talking about is writing.

Writing on a daily basis.

You can write anything.

Your thoughts,

Your goals,

Your plans for life, or for the day,

What went wrong,

What went right,

Your gratitude list.

You can write anything.

But, what happens when you write on a daily basis?

Well, simply put, the best thing that happens is you get more clarity.

Such clarity doesn’t come just by thinking about it or by conversing about it.

When you write, when you form the words, the sentences, the paragraphs, what is also happening is you’re opening up more than you had thought you would.

In this process, you get more clarity, a more wider viewpoint of what you actually think, it gives you the opportunity to take a deeper dive into it. It also gives a third person perspective and allows to rectify your wrongdoings, whether in terms of your thoughts, actions or opinions.

The more you write, the more ideas you get, the more your mind opens up, new opportunities start opening up, you’ll write things you don’t think about. Because that’s what happens when you write a few words and then think about what you’d like to add to it.

And the best part is you don’t have to be a professional at it.

It can be personal to you as well, or you could do what I do, write a daily blog.

Open up, with your thoughts, ideas, share it with everyone and help them grow too, whilst giving your perspective on things you write about.

From my personal experience, what I’ve noticed is this, along with everything that I’ve mentioned above, writing everyday also gives me the chance to better my thoughts, improve my vocabulary, my sentence formation, that helps me converse better, whether verbally or in writing, on my blog or on social media.

Writing everyday, whether online or in your diary, the bottom line is its the best thing that you could do to your advantage.