A pat on the back

A pat on the back

Whatever we do in life, whatever we aspire to do, there is always some need within us for a pat on the back and we usually seek it from a family member or a close friend or a mentor.

We look for this pat on the back every time we do something, everytime we achieve something and these are the kind of external appreciations or external validations we look for.

And in recent times this has even shifted to social media where people are constantly looking for instant gratification.

In the constant lookout for this appreciation that we get after doing something and every time we achieve a minor victory, we are programming ourselves to get such constant pats on the back and to get that validation hit each and every time to tell ourselves we are on the right track.

When we don’t get it is when we rethink our current steps, when we rethink our choices, when we think whether we are doing the right thing or not.

How about shifting from that approach? How about appreciating yourself first for everything that you do? With the amount of work put in, the efforts put in, shouldn’t you appreciate yourself first for all of that?

Why not take out a minute of your day just rethink everything that you did today and give yourself a pat on the back? That will give you the biggest boost that you might need, the biggest confidence booster and the inspiration that you were looking for. And now you have got your own back, now you don’t need anyone else and anything that you do receive will now be a bonus for you and nothing else.

That is a better approach for you instead of constantly being on the lookout for others to do this for you. Just think about everything you are and everything you do and just appreciate yourself for what you have done.


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