Question the Default!

Question the Default!

As we live each day of our lives, as we grow, as a society we also become conditioned to do the same kind of things and in the same behavior.

Everyone is programmed to do the same thing in the cycle of life. Every age group is defined by the same set of responsibilities and same set of questions and requirements and pressure.

The bigger issue is everyone follows it tiptoe without blinking an eye.

To question the default is becoming an outcast in a group and the thought of doing so becomes scarier for an individual.

However, once you question the default is when life takes a turn for you.

That is the moment when you start noticing the pattern, you start observing the behavior, you start asking the right type of questions and you jump into an ocean of the unknown.

It gives you a thrill and also opens your eyes to the reality, where you realize things can be done differently, things can be done according to how you want them to be done, by you, for you.

No asks, no requirements, no pressure.

You now set a whole new pattern for you, a whole new thought process, you’re now the outcast in a group of outcasts, with all eyes on you, but you enjoy it, because it now gives you joy and a cheer you never had before.

All this happens, just by questioning the default.


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