Every Experience

Every Experience

Some experiences are good for you, and for some, the outcome isn’t. But, every experience has something to teach. In most cases, it’s only in hindsight that we realize that, and we understand and learn from it. But, even if we don’t, what we must know that every experience plays a part in moulding in, in improving us, in evolving us.

What we are today, is because of every experience we have had in our lives. These experiences play a part in your behavior, your habits, your thoughts, that voice in your head, your work, basically everything.

When we understand that, don’t you think it’d be better to look back at every experience with a different perspective, try to derive some learning from it, if it wasn’t a good one, what can you still take away from it. Everything helps you at a later point in time, and we aren’t even aware of it right now.

Even listening to this podcast episode is an experience for you, which might change something for you, somewhere down the line, either consciously or sub-consciously. Every experience matters. Every experience has some learning. Every experience affects our life.


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Acknowledge before Appreciate

Acknowledge before Appreciate

Will you go out of your way to acknowledge the help you might have received from someone, unknowingly?

Appreciate it too, but first, acknowledge.

Knowingly or unknowingly, someone may have helped you on your path of life, that help might have changed something for you. Whether you acknowledge it and reach out to that individual and convey it, describes how secure you’re about yourself.

Some feel the other might get an upper hand over them, so why develop such a scenario? Why not just play dumbstruck and take advantage?

When you feel insecure about yourself, is when you cannot make another person feel better. And in the opposite scenario, when you feel secure, and when you receive help and it brought change, is when you feel grateful, you reach out and acknowledge and appreciate that help.


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Living Upside-down for a Day

Living Upside-down for a Day

We live a life of routine, schedules and habits.

Don’t we?

Every day has a certain routine, there are certain habits that you repeat every day, every hour.

And that’s how life is.

A bunch of habits and routine that guides you on the path you’re walking.

However, no matter how much you love it, you love the process, you love the journey, but sometimes you need change.

Sometimes you feel if something could be different.

And that’s where living upside-down for a day comes in.

Not literally upside-down, of course.

But overturning your day, a specific day, completely different than the rest of the days.

The rest of the days, you pursue your dreams, your goals, you live your habits and your schedule.

But this one day, you do none of it. You don’t do any of those routines. You let go of your habits (most of them, at least).

Such a day gives you a different aspect to life, a different glimpse of it.

You get some change, and you then become ready to bounce back.

This day could come once a week, once a fortnight or once a month.

It’s up to you to decide that.

Based on your energy levels, based on how long and how much can you push yourself without feeling burnt out.

But definitely try it out.

Live upside-down for a day.

Just not literally.


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