Looking Back at 2020

Looking Back at 2020

As we wind up with 2020, I look back at this year and how each and every day and month just passed by, the learnings that came it, the hardships, the dark days faced.

In all, I’m grateful for 2020, a massive year of my life, that brought change which maybe would have happened over 5 years or more or may not have happened too.

I’m grateful and fortunate to have my family around me, to have them support me, to have food on my table, there was a lot to be grateful for.

There was so much to learn, so much to experiment on, which also had with it, its failures. There was just so much to tackle, especially in times of a crisis, such times bring more clarity and more awareness to your mind, you think about everything differently, you act differently. And it’s only when you give your thoughts the space it deserves, you realize there’s so much to uncover and deal with.

• The World of Content Creation •
One of the things I’m glad for, is the fact that right from my daily calendar series, my blogs and podcast, even the weekly recommendation series, The Last 7 Days and my weekly newsletter, The Weekly Zazz – all of this made my 2020 so much better, helped me reflect upon so much, go in-depth on a number of topics, able to understand myself better and most of all, it was almost like a journal for me, when I look back at any of it, I’m able to recollect those days, like its a navigation tool for me.

And of course, as much as it helped me, it also became a tool to share all of this and provide this value with the people connected with me, over the social media platforms and elsewhere.

• The World of Learning •
What this year brought with it, was a lot of time. One had to choose whether they escape that time or invest, and with balance maintained, and sometimes tipping more towards learning, I took this time to learn more. Spiritually, psychologically, neurologically, philosophically what life meant, what we do and why do we do it, the reasons behind so much. The deeper I dug, the more I understood how we as a society act and the reality behind so much of it.

• Mental and Physical Health •
But, apart from this journaling and content, also came the prioritization of mental and physical health for me – both so essential to life.

For me, everything was unknown – right from meditation, to breathwork, to mantra chanting to understanding and feeling inner peace, becoming aware of my emotions, what troubles me, what doesn’t, the magic of silence. There was so much to discover, experiment and implement.

But, a balance of physical with the mental is a must. Thus, the learning and addition of asanas and different workout exercises to my daily regime, to getting rid of the junk/ unhealthy food and knowing what the right kind of food is and shifting to it helped me grow and evolve, amongst other things. Let me not forget my 24 hour fasting, which I started on June 1st and as of now, doing it for 31 weeks.

• Fulfilling the Taste •
As mentioned above, this year was a choice to finally start getting rid of the things that don’t benefit the body, and finally shift to eating the right kind of ingredients.

(I wrote a post, ‘I stopped eating this’ – which you can check out here)

Said that, I’m super grateful to have had my mother and my sister beside me, who cooked the best of dishes, at home without ever feeling the need to order from outside or that we are missing out on anything.

They won’t like it if I don’t mention, I was their sous chef, right beside them with the helping hand. And simultaneously also learnt a few things to cook, such as parathas, dosa, pancakes etc.

• Turning Inward •
All of everything that happened in 2020, was an outcome of turning inward. Practicing stillness, introducing calmness, understanding the magic of meditation and control of your breath, feeling grateful for your life, your days, the people around you, the food you get to eat. Conscious mindful eating, deep relaxation, discovery of newer and deeper thoughts, there was so much to learn and experience, which was a process of turning inward and finding the magic within.


Honorary mention to my lockdown hair and beard I was able to grow to a length never before.


Every element of 2020 was unlike any other year before, and as fortunate as I am, and grateful for everything that I have and everyone that I have around me, I’m glad 2020 happened, because life wouldn’t have been the same if all of this didn’t occur.

P. S. Let me also not make this a magical super-positive post, because I’m highlighting the positives of the year that stood out for me, but on the other hand, there were a lot of dark days as well. Days when you don’t know what your next day looks like, days you cannot figure out anything, sometimes your thoughts go haywire, but that is a part of life. And what you do to deal with all of this, is what makes you who you are and decides what your tomorrow looks like.