1 tip to start creating Content

1 tip to start creating Content

Often when it comes to creating content, the one question on everybody’s minds is the same… “What type of content should I create?”

What type of content would work for me? What should I create that would give me engagement?

Going after trends, going after how algorithm works, there’s a lot of processes but it never works when it comes to creating content.

What works is really simple…

Create content about what you know.

What you know is already within you.

It’s already a strength for you.

And probably you read about it, you watch something about it in order to make yourself better at it.

In that process, you also deepen your understanding and broaden your viewpoint of what you know.

Looking at it from that perspective, the best tip for anyone wanting to create content comes down to this baseline…

Create about what you know.


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