“The Week was such a Blur”

“The Week was such a Blur”

A statement we have heard so much of, not only from others, but we have probably said it a gazillion times too, “the week was such a blur”.

We’ve said it, but have we understood why do we say it? Moreover, what does it even mean? There are two scenarios that explain it the best though.

The thing about a routine and the muscle memory of a habit is, as a combination, you get the job at hand done, but because you’ve done it a bunch of times, now you’re in a place where you are able to do it subconsciously (same steps repeated with the same momentum). (meaning you aren’t in the conscious state of mind during those moments).

To that muscle memory, the routine, and the subconscious state of mind, add the other times when you’re heavily invested in a topic, where all your senses are engaged in that particular thing and you aren’t aware of anything else.

Mix those two scenarios and you’ve got a deadly combination where you have no idea how the time flew by, and at the end of the week, the thought pops up in your head, “this week has been such a blur.”

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