Is your first idea the best idea?

Is your first idea the best idea?

You are thinking of an idea. Maybe, for a project, or for your company, or for your book or your post or your video, or an idea to solve any kind of a problem. You could be ideating for anything.

You are thinking and thinking, and suddenly an idea strikes you. Either because of the delay in thinking of the idea, or just that the idea seems interesting (at first), you’re now all excited about it. You have found that idea you’re looking for, and now you’re ready to proceed to the next step.

But, unfortunately, that excitement also clouds your mind of clarity. Because you’re already thinking of that next step, you’re aren’t thinking of that idea, in particular, with enough mental clarity and space.

Sometimes, while that idea excites you, you aren’t able to see the flaws in it (especially in the first instance). You aren’t able to see what’s wrong with the idea, how it could fail, and what can you do to rectify that. Maybe the idea is right, but there could be potential issues when it comes to its execution. Maybe that idea isn’t expressable. Maybe it’s right only in your head. There could be a thousand explanations as to what could be wrong with that first idea.

That doesn’t mean you give up though, not at all!

The point of this process is to not stop at the first step but to keep reiterating your idea. The more you reiterate that idea, instead of expressing your feelings that you finally had the idea, or jumping to the next step, you will be able to sit with it for some time and start observing its complexities.

How does this idea sound in my head? How would it sound when expressed to someone else? Is it understandable? Is it simple or complex? Am I able to break it down in simpler terms? What is the extent of this idea?

When you reiterate, you’re able to ask more questions and mix that with the time you’ve given yourself, plus the clarity with which you’re sitting with it, all the ingredients now add up to you refining that idea into something better and enhanced.

Now, you have an idea worth proceeding with.

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