An honest review of how the blog has helped me over 1000 blog posts

An honest review of how the blog has helped me over 1000 blog posts

Two years ago, I was in quite a different space than now. Today, I’m obsessed with self-improvement, curious about life and looking at it from a lens of spirituality, neuroscience, psychology, physiology, philosophy; the importance of traits such as empathy, kindness, courage, determination and so many more, and yet back then I didn’t know any of it, nor had even heard of it.

14th March 2019, I had posted my first blog post. I knew I wanted to post every day, but I didn’t know that one day I’d be writing my 1000th blog post too.

Now when I look back at those posts, especially from the perspective of today, I can see a massive difference in not only how I used to write, but also how I used to think, the depth of what I knew about a subject, and the limitations around it too.

Back then, when I was starting to learn these new topics and started walking on this path (still learning), I had a plethora of thoughts around this space, and just writing about all of it gave me this platform to explore more and look at things I never thought of exploring for even a minute.

The more I wrote, the deeper I could explore a particular topic, micro, and macro. The more questions that arose in my mind, the more curious I got, and the more answers I sought. The more information I received, I understood there’s no limitation or an end to these topics, just that the more you explore and understand, the freer and better life you’re able to live.

How did the blog help me then?
– First and foremost, simply instilling the habit of writing a blog helped me build other habits and maintain them, day after day. Executing one habit was the confidence builder to go through with the other habits too, especially in the initial days.

– There were low days, or even days when I just didn’t feel to write anything, but the determination to maintain the schedule and to keep it going gave me the push to write. Not just that though, this simple exercise helped me with the push towards other areas of my life as well, and maybe without that initial push elsewhere (in my case, writing the blog), it could’ve affected my entire approach too.

– To write every day, means to have a ton of ideas and knowledge of what you want to write about. For me, it meant to constantly be present, be aware of what’s going on within me, around me, around the world, observing everything, which ultimately made me think more, understand more, and with writing as a medium, helped me grow as an individual and expand my perspective.

– They say, reading/ learning is stage one of acquiring information. Writing about it is stage two when you’re able to go deeper into the process. When you write your thoughts, you’re able to truly understand what you know and how much do you know. Well, writing definitely did that, because it made me realize my limitations and helped me expand my boundaries.

– Most people who write aren’t looking for validation towards what they’ve written or how good it is, but to create an impact with those words and those learnings. A few times, I’ve had the fortune of receiving information from the other end about the same, how what I’ve written and shared made an impact on what the other person was going through, or simply what they wanted to read at that moment. (I’ve first-hand experienced that and am glad to be a part of that process with others as well)

– The concept of compounding. We may have learnt about the concept financially, but its use case is seen in every area of life. The more you put in something, the more outputs it will provide (multiplying in the future). In the simple scenario of writing a thousand blog posts, while the process of ideating grows difficult with every stage of information you uncover, the compounding takes place in the form of looking at myself, looking at humans all around, looking at human behavior, looking at the world, and how much of it is real, how much can be changed, and how many are just playing robots and the role each individual plays in it.

Sure, a thousand blog posts may not be a big thing. Sure, blogging could’ve become outdated. Sure, who reads anymore (maybe)? But, as a start, as a medium, and as an outlet, this blog has played an extraordinary role for me, throughout this process of growth and change and evolving, and hopefully, that process continues as I write more and share more of my perspective and learnings into the world.

Thank you for reading it!

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