Summarizing your Writings

Summarizing your Writings

Writing has always been a skill, most people crave to have. It’s not one of those that you’re born with, but definitely, something that can be acquired, if you’re interested in it.

The importance of writing can be seen in every industry, especially the creative sectors, including the one of advertising, without which none of the brands could’ve sold anything to anyone.

So, some people write professionally, some are into copywriting, and some write for themselves too. Whether in the form of a blog, or Twitter threads, or answering questions on Quora, the content creation forms go on and on.

Writing is one skill to have, but those who are able to fine-tune that skill, and polish it, thus, being able to summarize their writings are in a rare circle who are able to create a niche skill, which very few people are able to acquire.

Writing 1000 words or 10,000 words or a book is not easy, but if you are truly interested in that subject and if you live it, then you can get going. Writing may not be good at first, there could be a few mistakes here and there, but you would still be able to write it.

But, summarizing a 1000 word post into explaining it in 2 lines or summarizing out a paragraph from a 10,000-word article is more difficult, and not everyone’s cup of tea.

These days, with the attention scarcity, people consume the information quickly, they want a quick tease, and if that interests them, then they’d be ready to consume that 10,000-word article too. To learn to summarize your writings is the next skill writers must learn, whether for their own published works, the professional work done for others, or even for their personal works too.

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