The Last 7 Days #87 (01.11 – 07.11)

With another Sunday, here’s the 87th edition of my weekly series, The Last 7 Days.

What’s it about?

It’s a weekly series where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

Since the content I consume around the topics of mindset, marketing and movies brought me value, I decided to share that with you as well, through these weekly editions.

If any of the below-mentioned topics interest you, let’s chat – @rth24 on Instagram.

What To Read:

  1. Why melatonin is known as the ‘master switch’ of the human body? Check it out here.
  2. How do you build a personal brand when your life is in chaos? Read more here.
  3. Early Riser or Night Owl? New Study May Help to Explain the Difference. Check it out here.
  4. The psychology behind why you spend so much money on Amazon Prime. Read it here.
  5. The underrated pleasures of eating dinner early. Read here.

What To Listen:

*The links being attached redirect to Spotify, but you can search for these episode titles wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  1. On The Tim Ferriss Show, Chris Dixon and Naval Ravikant talk about the Wonders of Web3, how to pick the Right Hill to climb, finding the right amount of crypto regulation, and the Untapped Potential of NFTs. Listen to it here.
  2. On this episode of Decoder, vice president of Reality Labs Andrew Bosworth talked with The Verge’s Alex Heath about Facebook’s rebrand to Meta, how content moderation will work in the metaverse, and the hardware journey from virtual to mixed reality, and eventually, AR glasses. Check it out here.
  3. In this episode of Life Kit, New York Times technology reporter Taylor Lorenz shares how spending less time on email and changing the way she thought about online communication has increased her productivity and given her back hours of time. Listen here.
  4. In this episode of Naan Curry, Sadaf and Archit explore the global and local history of potatoes, how the British used potatoes to spread their colonialism in India, its health benefits, and much more. Check it out here.
  5. Tom Hanks talks about the concept of war films, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and some other films, and anecdotes from the early days, on the Smartless podcast. Listen to it here.

What To Watch:

  1. Sara Dietschy chats with Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s name change to Meta, centralized vs decentralized organizations, and what the Metaverse means for creators, and there’s a meme review too. Check it out here.
  2. HBR editor in chief Adi Ignatius interviews the Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella to discuss what team collaboration will look like going forward, the next generation of workplace technology, the new imperatives of leadership — and whether and when our future workplaces will in fact start to look like the “metaverse” fantasies of science fiction. Watch it here.
  3. On this episode of ‘Notes on a Scene,’ ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage‘ director Andy Serkis breaks down the scene where Venom and Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) finally come together in an argument turned to fight. Serkis walks us through his vision for the action sequence frame by frame and highlights where exactly Tom Hardy adds his own sound effects. Watch here.
  4. TV Show Recommendation of the Week – Succession (The Logan family is known for controlling the biggest media and entertainment company in the world. However, their world changes when their father steps down from the company.) Now streaming on Hotstar here.
  5. Movie Recommendation of the Week – Sooryavanshi (Starting off from where Akshay Kumar`s character was introduced in Simmba, Sooryavanshi traces the acts and serious antics of DCP Veer Sooryavanshi, the chief of the Anti-Terrorism Squad in India.) Now in theatres and streaming on Netflix, December 5th onwards.

There is a lot of insightful, engaging, and entertaining content mixed in all of this.

If any of these topics interest you, then your time will be well-spent.

You can check out the previous editions of The Last 7 Days – here.

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