Taking things less seriously

Taking things less seriously

The more information you seek, the more of your reality gets shattered. We have been conditioned to live in a certain way, do certain things and act in a certain way. So the moment you break that barrier and walk into the unknown, you start noticing things from a different perspective.

As you consume more information and your knowledge increases, in time, you notice a before and after in your thoughts, and that starts spreading to everything else as well. Now the reality that everyone else lives, and the one that you see now are different.

What information are we talking about? More information about life, how it functions, the existence of it, the information that is not readily given to you – but one that you get when you seek for it.

But when that barrier breaks for you, what also happens is you start taking things more seriously (because of the realization; the thought of the life being lived before you had all this information.) In a post phase of this revelation, how you manage your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, your interactions – so much of it and more you take it seriously. Everything is now observed with that keen eye, noticing every difference.

It sometimes becomes so serious that you forget to live life, you forget to enjoy the moments, you forget to be present. With that new information, you now want to be different than before, you don’t want to walk that same path as before, but that also changes how you are perceiving your current moments of life.

So for someone who’s walking on this path, and experiencing these changes, this is a message to just take things less seriously.

Change is for good, you’re glad about this change, you don’t want to walk on those previous steps again… But that doesn’t mean you forget the very essence of life – to enjoy it.

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