RTHReviews: No Time to Die

RTHReviews: No Time to Die

A great last film for a legendary Bond… Wrapping it up one last time with his iconic dialogues and moves, Daniel Craig truly outpours himself into the role and the outcome is just brilliant every time.

No Time to Die runs 2 hrs and 42 mins and yet not a moment when you feel it’s long or slow, the film is fast-paced and you’re constantly on the edge of your seat, wrapping your head around everything that is happening and trying to connect the dots.

I personally felt a lot of the characters were underutilized, but then again this was Daniel’s last outing and they balanced it out well, in the end.

Now coming to the storyline, how the film evolved and how the circle completed with all five films having some kind of connection, this story seemed a bit more personal from Bond’s perspective (instead of the traditional Bond-villain storyline), and that was another interesting aspect of the film.

Cary Joji Fukunaga did an awesome job at directing this, and Hans Zimmer was the icing on the cake with his composition. No Time to Die definitely rates higher in Craig’s tenure as Bond and ultimately, it was an emotional farewell. Great watch.

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