Finding time to understand yourself

Finding time to understand yourself

How busy do we make our lives, especially with work, to say that we don’t have time for ourselves?

By not having time for ourselves, doesn’t mean not having time to relax or to eat or to escape (some people don’t make time for that too, but that’s a different topic altogether…), but not having time to understand yourself.

We focus on one particular area of life and we say that this is the area we have to grow in, invest all our time there and when the results come and when we are satisfied (which we never will be), then we’ll focus on our personal lives as well.

But the thing about understanding ourselves is more about self awareness about ourself. Understanding what we truly want, and in which area of life, where do we want to invest our time, what type of returns do we want to see.

The more we understand ourselves, the better our relationship becomes with ourselves, with others, the better we’ll be able to balance the personal and professional aspect of our lives.

All that happens with the most important decision any individual can ever take… To take some time to understand themselves (rather than to simply go with the flow or to follow the societal constructs and to let everything happen to you)

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