Unpublished drafts

Unpublished drafts

When it comes to writing, sometimes you’re stuck without the first word just thinking of an idea to strike, and sometimes there’s an influx of ideas and you simply create multiple drafts of those ideas.

The first thought is to write down the ideas first, and you can get to the writing part of it later.

Both those scenarios happen in a cycle from time to time, it’s not about one day, but it happens as often as you write.

Time behold, you realize that you’ve a number of such unpublished drafts that you have never attended to.

Here’s the catch… Those drafts remain unpublished because the content part of it is still missing, you simply have written just the idea part of it. As time passes, there’s a 50-50 chance that you remember the context of that idea.

The issue that I’ve faced multiple times is the following, once the time has passed, you just don’t get the same flow to complete one of those drafts as you felt when the idea emerged on the day of creating that draft.

And thus, the cycle of having these tens and hundreds of unpublished drafts continue… Maybe with a single option of weighing in more time and writing down the entire piece when the idea emerges rather than just the gist of it to complete later.

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