Once you start writing…

Once you start writing…

How many times has it happened that you were constantly thinking of an idea and were just stuck at that point? You never started writing because of it.

How many times has it happened that you had an idea ready to write about but you were too lazy to start?

The issue lies in the start.

Once you start writing, the mind automatically starts flowing in that direction. Once you write down a few words, you fall into that zone of writing more.

The words now start flowing through you, you start going in to the depth of it.

Once you start, then there’s no reason to pause or to stop.

But that’s the problem in itself… We think of more reasons for not starting than to just open that document and start throwing around some words until it starts making sense to you.

The expectations of it, the pressure of it, the outcome of it, weighs you down so much that you’re not even willing to start in the first place.

However, just start writing, write down a few words at first, and eventually you’ll get rid of the writers block, ideas block, time block or anything that was supposedly creating that barrier.

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