Judging your food by how it looks

Judging your food by how it looks

We judge food by its outcome

We judge food by its outcome – how it looks in the end, how it tastes. This is also how corporations and food chains are able to take advantage, serving us any kind of food, working on their presentation and marketing and also scientifically manipulating the food items as well.

Because we don’t ask the right questions

How often do we care about the kind of ingredients being used for the food we’re eating, the source of those ingredients, whether they are organic or processed, what kind of benefits or disadvantages do they have on you or your mind or body, whether they’re hand made or machine made, etc.

Impact of everything you eat

Everything that you eat, how it’s prepared and stored, it’s quality, all of it has an impact on your life – how it affects your digestive system, nervous system, your brain, your body organs, your cells, your energy levels, the quality of your thoughts, the kind of emotions you cruise through.

At various times in our life, someone may have a disease, someone may be eating medicines, someone may have physical or mental issues – and while there are various reasons for any of it to happen – a good percentage of that also boils to the type of food items you’re putting in your body.

Eating everything you want

Sooner or later, everyone realizes this – just depends at which point of life. When you understand everything, you also realize you can eat anything and everything you want – as long as it’s the right kind of ingredients, it’s prepared in the right manner and if it’s in moderation.

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