It’s difficult to stay consistent

It’s difficult to stay consistent

A particular lifestyle or a purpose originates from the multiple habits that form into it. Those habits require consistency and daily efforts to keep them going, and even when they become a part of your life, you still have to be consistent with them in order to keep them going.

But, with each day also comes a whole new set of issues and emotions and how did you start your day, how did you embrace the day, there’s a whole list of things that decide how a particular day is going to turn out to be.

Eventually, even when you understand the technicalities, and even on those particular days when you push through and still remain consistent, there comes that once in a blue moon day, when it’s extremely difficult to stay consistent.

This isn’t one of those rest days that one should take. This is one of those days that demanded so many other things from you, that also showed some mismanagement issues on your side, but eventually it remained difficult to stay consistent with your usual things, that’s the bottom line.

Those days come, these things happen, you have to take them with a grain of salt, and be ready to bounce back again, as soon as possible, not because you have to… But because you want to.

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