Does anyone know you a hundred percent?

Does anyone know you a hundred percent?

We take into account other people’s choices before making our decisions. We get bogged down by people’s opinions. We feel hurt by people making fun of us or by people trolling us. We feel judged by people.

Moreover, we let all of those things affect us.

But in all this chaos, we forget the most important thing, do any of these people know you a 100% to take into account any of those things?

When people don’t know you, they look at a percentage of you (one they’re able to perceive) and make their opinions / judge/ decide or whatever based on that.

While it’s not okay for them to do that, you cannot do anything about it. But what you can do is understand that it’s an opinion on a perceived image of yours.

Let’s dig more into it. From your parents to your coworkers, from your siblings to your friends, from your social media audience to people you encounter on the streets, there are people at different levels of your life who know different things about you, who know a part of you or more than that.

But even the most important people don’t know you a hundred percent. That’s the thing.

Right from the deepest of your thoughts, to everything that you think and you do and you plan to do, it’s all within you. Even when you share, you can only share so much.

That’s what it boils down to. No body, not a single person knows you a hundred percent, than you.

So when you take anything exterior, that is outside of you, into account, then you must realize this… That no body knows you a 100% hundred except you.

Sure you can take their opinions into account, but at the end of the day you know yourself better, and you know what’s good for you and what’s not. What you want to do, what you must do and what you shouldn’t.

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