The Cristiano Homecoming

The Cristiano Homecoming

Transfer Window 2021, one of the craziest football transfer windows, in the recent years.

Some of the biggest names have changed their clubs, including Lionel Messi, a transfer that not only shocked the Messi and Barcelona fans, but everyone else as well.

Coming back to the topic, I love Manchester United, I love Cristiano Ronaldo, the club more than the player, but there’s no denying of the joy to watch one of the greatest play and to just witness that.

Keeping it crisp and not touching a lot of other points, as football fans would be aware of… The last 72 hours have been crazy and the word crazy is an understatement here.

The news that started with Cristiano to Manchester City just hurt all of us, and it was quite, quite devasting to say the least. To see that photoshopped picture of him in that City jersey was like a burn in my eyes. The news shook me and majority of the fans.

Until Friday, the 27th, it was all but clear and yet to hard to accept that the move was almost done. It felt like a heartbreak that your favourite player was about to ruin his legacy and join the rival club, for whatever reasons there may be.

But sometimes things don’t happen for good. Sometimes bigger things are meant to happen and you just don’t know it yet.

All of a sudden, there was a murmur that apart from the only club who could afford the player, there was another club lingering in at that very last moment.

Manchester United knocking on the door, showing interest, almost felt like another one of those yearly CR7 to United news.

But who knew this time there was actually substance to the news, as minutes passed, more news started coming in and it felt more real and real.

At this point of time, I’m just a spectator constantly refreshing my feed, reading every bit of news coming in, waiting to see what’s going to happen.

And there it was… Within a couple of hours and less, the news was confirmed.




The news was too surreal to even understand what was reality and what was not.

It was a time to enjoy the legend back at the club. A time to cheer, Viva Ronaldo!

The feeling of Him going to City wasn’t completely out of the system, but this news was far bigger and better that it overcame that news soon enough.

A team that already has such a good manager, building the culture, the squad, already a couple of good signings this season with Sancho and Varane, but this was different…

A few hours have passed since that news, still celebrating, still enjoying, with a feeling that this season will be different.

Until that debut is on, enjoying these pictures, being in nostalgic mode…

#CR7 👑🔥❤️

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