A preview of Flipping the Script

A preview of Flipping the Script

There’s a script written for everything. For everyone. For age. For work. For life. For relationships. For achievements. For success. For health. For money. There’s a script for everything, a script that everyone must follow. These are also known as the standards set by the society.

Now there has to be an origin story for each of these scripts. Someone started it and then followed on. Someone started it to take advantage of others. No one usually questions these scripts though. As long as everything is followed by those standards, everything’s perfect.

Only with awareness, followed by questioning everything, with a mindset of curiosity and growth, are people able to snap out of these scripts and pave a new path for themselves. They are called ‘different’ by the society.

Now, today is just a tease of what Flipping the Script looks like. Whilst I would like to deep dive into every topic and expand on what this flipping looks like, today is just a tease of that topic and work for you to do, if you’d like to flip the script too. Question the usual, question what everyone has been doing for so long, question what you’ve been doing, and imagine a scenario when that script is flipped. What does it look like?

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