Is it amplified?

Is it amplified?

We like to overcomplicate things. A bit more complex. Because who likes basic? Why keep something at a level 1, when you can take it to level 5? Why not amplify it?

What are we talking about?







Everything is amplified. To another level. Even when its not. Because you’re not equipped to manage something when its just at the start, when it actually is manageable.

So it amplifies. To a level where everything else is blamed but you. Everyone else is put on spotlight but you. Everyone needs to work but you.

All because you have amplified something to what its not.

Instead, with working on your mindset, to look at things differently, to approach things differently, to accept things that happen to you… You learn to manage… You learn to work things around. You are now accountable. You are now in control. Now whatever it is doesn’t need to be amplified. Because you can manage it at the start itself.

It all begins when you work on a mindset of growth and self-development. A mindset of accountability. A mindset of acceptance. When that happens, now ask yourself…

Is it still amplified?

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