RTHReviews : A Quiet Place 2

RTHReviews : A Quiet Place 2

For anyone who has seen ‘A Quiet Place’ knows how good the film was, the direction and the storyline were just fabulous.

Said that, not many thought there would be a sequel or moreover, a chance of a franchise. Plus, good sequels are hard to come by.

But, John Krasinski has proven us wrong. A Quiet Place 2 shines with its brilliant direction and storyline, the cast upping their performance and the film being as good as the first one.

If you approach this film from a macro perspective, you realize how small the plot of the film is, if compared to a book it’d be like covering a chapter of it. But, on the contrary, that’s what makes this film that special, its essence lies in how Krasinski has approached the storyline and managed to keep the audience to the edge of their seats, holding on to know what will happen next.

Not to forget about the cast, Emily Blunt, Regan Abbott, Noah Jupe and the introduction of Cillian Murphy, who have all done a stellar job with their performances, keeping the audience involved with every single character and wanting to know what’s going to happen with them.

John Krasinski has done something special here, and we just don’t it yet how many more of these will be in the pipeline, but let’s just say we can’t wait for a third part to come soon.

One Line Review: John Krasinski ups the stakes with this sequel.

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