Can I Inspire myself?

Can I Inspire myself?

Right now, right at this moment, we have an unprecedented access to people and information and knowledge.

What are you interested in and you have one or more individuals who are experts in that field, sharing their knowledge.

Thanks to the internet or any other method, you have got that access and soon, you’re now inspired by that individual.

Either from what they have achieved or what you have learnt from them.

Everyone has these list of inspirational people they follow, whom they look upto.

But thinking about that, here’s a question that popped into my mind, “Can I inspire myself?”

Can my journey of everything I have overcome, everything that I have struggled through and come out on the brighter side of things, everything that I have achieved, can I inspire myself?

Can that be the motivation for myself? Can that be a lesson for myself?

Can I inspire myself?

A question I think everyone should ask themselves.

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