Embracing the Silence

Embracing the Silence

In a previous post here, I wrote about how we fill the silence in our lives with various things and why do we do it.

Having spoken about escaping silence and running away from it… What can one do to embrace that silence?

That golden silence which is going to unlock so many things in your life, that you didn’t want to face but now you want to… How do you embrace it now?

The first step is one of acceptance. No matter what is revealed to you in this silence, you will accept it and not run away from it. That mindset of acceptance is the biggest key to embracing silence.

Once you have the mindset, then there are two ways to embrace it…

One, you do a lot of self-reflection. Sit to think, journal your thoughts, go deeper into them and when you face those deeper, darker thoughts, and you go deeper and deeper into them and take away their power, then you embrace the silence.

The other way is to meditate. Practice meditating, sit for longer periods of time, go in deep meditations, let everything come to you, feel it, feel those moments, and embrace that silence.

Once you experience it, then you want it more. You feel its power and what it does to you.

Embrace the silence.

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