Identity and Labels

Identity and Labels

Over the years, the society narrative has developed in a way that conforms to a pattern where we, all of us, associate ourselves with the work we do and/ or the degrees that we have accumulated.

When someone says, describe yourself, it often results in an answer which includes work titles, college degrees, work experience etc.

And outside of work, those labels are then shifted to pop culture and/ or sports fandoms.

Thus, limiting our identity to one or many labels of some kind.

What hasn’t yet been understood is that, our identity is not limited to the labels we attach ourselves to.

These labels which become an individual’s so-called identity doesn’t help you to look beyond, to experience different things, to experience life.

And amidst these labels, we compete and we try to win, we fight and abuse and also want to become unique in them.

However, who we truly are is beyond any label out there and no amount of labels can limit one’s identity to those particular things. Life’s bigger than that. There’s so much more to experience than that.

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