Why vs Why Not

Why vs Why Not

In life we walk on three paths – when we ask why am I doing this? Or why not?

The third path is one very rarely walked upon, the thin line between the two, when you ask both the questions and you’re stuck hanging in between.

There are certain things you do, or you want to do, to which every obstacle that comes along, internal or external, you ask yourself why not? And you keep on crossing such obstacles, whilst doing that certain something.

On the other hand, in a similar scenario, you ask why am I even doing this? You start searching for answers, start going deeper into this quest and you figure out there’s no point to it. There’s nothing wrong in not doing it, if it doesn’t serve any purpose at all.

But, the thin line between the two is the most confusing one, when you ask why not and you also ask why? You ask why not and make your mind and start pursuing it. But you also ask why, and see that there’s no meaning or purpose to it and you’re just doing it for the heck of it.

That thin line is when your values, your beliefs, your mindset come into the picture and based on all of that, you must choose a side. Because these are two paths and you have to be on the either side of it and fortunately or unfortunately, you can’t not choose either.

So, which one do you choose – why or why not?

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