Judgement of Others or of Yourself?

Judgement of Others or of Yourself?

Quite often, we don’t do certain things, we don’t say certain things, we do particular things in a certain way, whether we want to or not.

Such patterns originate from judgements and initially and mostly from the judgements of others.

When someone reacts in a way you don’t like, or didn’t react the way you expected, often, it is you who changes things around to get a different reaction. Basically, you’re getting affected from those judgements.

Similarly, when you judge other people on a criteria of things, and labelling them in sorts,

What emerges from both of these situations is ultimately the judgement of yourself.

With time, a pattern is created that leads to you judging yourself at every step of the way – judging every thought, every action and now doing them in a certain manner, because now you’re predicting how others would react when you do that something.

And then the ultimate question arises, do you want to continue to do things for the sake of validation from others, or do you want to change that and think and act the way you want to, irrespective of everything.

Making that choice starts a journey unlike any other, and one that never seems to end, but at least you’ll the path you’re on.

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