Insecurities lead to Judgements

Insecurities lead to Judgements

We all know someone, or maybe count ourselves in that someone too, who have judged someone else at any given point of time, or have been on the receiving end of those judgements, or maybe both.

Whether its their looks or their fame or how they talk or how look or their social status, their financial status, or there are countless other factors to which people are judged.

But, would someone who is secure with their life judge someone else? Would someone who is satisfied with their life judge someone else?

Its often those who are insecure themselves, in any area of their life, who pinpoint others’ limitations or their wrongdoings (and probably take satisfaction from it as well).

For example, if you’re financially insecure and someone else is, but they lack in their communication skills, you would be the first one to judge them at that.

It is your own insecurity that leads to you judging someone else and vice versa. And this cycle then continues, on a macro scale, everywhere.

Somewhere or the other, any individual finds themselves insecure with something or everything and that is downpoured onto someone else, so your hole of insecurity can be filled.

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