Play, Pause, or Fast Forward

Play, Pause, or Fast Forward

You have three options in life, either to play, or pause, or to fast-forward.

What do these options mean?

The play option means to live your life. The pause is to take a break, rest for a while, pause your life with your daily activities and then resume again after a while. To fast-forward is to not enjoy your present moments and to just drift through, but with this option you later wonder where did all that time go?

There are two more options, one of which you cannot control, and one you don’t have the option of choosing.

The one you cannot choose is the stop button (your actions may influence the timeline of this option though). The other option you don’t have the option of choosing is the rewind button (you cannot go back in time and redo something, what’s done is done).

Once we understand the options that we can choose from, the perspective of looking at life changes as well.

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