Internet Motivation

Internet Motivation

For anyone who has browsed through the internet enough, or the social media platforms to be specific, would know how over-saturated the motivational content has become.

Every individual will come up with some type of motivational content, irrespective of how their individual life is doing, or if not original, then would remix someone else’s content, but so much of it is just revolved around Motivation.

It almost gives a perspective to people that motivation is all they need to do anything in life, personally and professionally. When they’re motivated, everything will be done right and everything they want.

When they aren’t motivated, then they’ll seek more of it on these platforms.

But, to be honest, is it all you need?
Is it okay for one to perceive that motivation is all they need? This mental high they get after reading something motivational is all they need?

The problem is not with motivation, but with those pushing it and those consuming it. Sure, motivation is needed, but it makes more sense when its done by yourself, and especially when included with the other ingredients.

Motivation is just the cherry on the cake, but you still need the ingredients to make the cake first.

Right from your physical and mental wellness, to your mindset, to your thoughts, to your habits, your faith and your beliefs, the goals you have, the people around you, all of it comprise of those ingredients you need to make a good cake.

Then you can put the motivation as the topping, that’s what motivation is. But those who post motivational fail to realize that, probably because themselves are doing it just for the content or they have created a motivational bubble around themselves.

Irrespective of the reasons, as the consumer of such content, especially for one who wants to improve their life, who wants to write the script of their lives themselves, can ponder upon this and ultimately, take charge and start working on every aspect of their life and improving it, rather than depending on Internet Motivation.

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